Sunday, April 18, 2010

Diners, Dives & Drive-Ins & Spas.. Getting Ready!

Jerry & I will be road tripping across North America shortly.  Bouncing from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives & hot springs, friends and family! We leave May 14th and we're back June 20th.. Our trip will take us from Peterborough, Ontario, to good friends (Jerry's known Larry since grade one) in Geneva-on-the-Lake in Ohio, then on to Buba's Grill, (owned by a couple we had the pleasure of meeting two winters ago in Mexico while camped on the beach in Bacalar) then we're on to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and then up to Vancouver, BC to see Jerry's kids for a while, then back into & across the States to see my family in Michigan, then to Windsor to see my mom, then back home.  

We have started getting the Westy, her name is Prudence, ready.. i should say, Jerry's started getting her ready, as i prepare for more seminars and procrastinate finalizing this terms 90 class marks!   Jerry's been downsizing all of our normal camping equipment so it fits in this new cargo carrier I'm told we need.  You see, we're not pulling the trailer with us this time, as I'm told we won't be able to get into the remote areas we want to find this trip.   So, that means Jerry's had to get all new cooking stuff.  Those of you who know Jerry know that he is an amazing cook and loves his camping cooking gadgets! Jerry now has this fancy camp kitchen station he's trying out on the driveway here.  It folds down to nothing and fits into the new cargo carrier that sits on the trailer hitch...  that I'm pointing to. So, that cargo carrier is all the storage we have for this trip!  All of Jerry's cooking supplies and my cloths have to fit into that carrier (His cooking stuff better not spill over onto my clothes!)! AHAHA!

So, while we drive to each spot (we being Jerry (driving), Duke (our dog) and I), I'll be working in the office Jerry's creates for me in the back of Prudence.  I've worked that way all the way back from Mexico, to the East Coast and on many other highways .. it's wonderful.. i have electricity & internet, while Duke helps Jerry navigate!  I'll be busy tweaking my seminars, creating my CDs of seminar highlights and starting my second book!  

The only thing i am worried about is that i am doing a 1/2 marathon in July, and we are planning to hit many of the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives across the US!  I hope the dives we stop at have  salads and the areas we stop at Duke and I can run!  I don't want to come back too well rounded!

Vito, if you are reading this, we are hoping to connect with you somewhere too!


PS... Here are the books we're following for the trip! Hot Springs & Diners, Dives & Drive-in! :)

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