Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BusFusion 2013.. On the ROAD AGAIN!

It's been a long winter, we didn't get away this year! So, this is our first venture out.  We thank T for staying at the house again! YOU'RE THE BEST!
So, we start this short adventure with Busfusion, where 178 VW Bus owners gather.  Many have become our closest friends, those who haven't generally it's because we haven't chatted yet!  The gathering happens, as follows, starts with an empty field, buses and campers gather.  The organizing committee tries to herd VW owners through Registrations, grab bags, t-shirts, hugs.. Everyone finds any spot they want.  Some want water front, others like to be in the middle of the field, others want near the stables. Most everyone creates some sort of circling the of the VW wagons with friends. Very much like being gypsies I think.  Snack time happens around 3pm, everyone brings out something to share, wine, cheeses, shrimp, tequila punch, or turds! (Turds are Paul's amazing creations from his green egg.. jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon, BBQ'd in a Green egg.. We're glad to be their friends!).
Then everyone has dinner, either alone or in groups. One of the nights there is always a communal dinner, it's also when door prizes and announcements are made.
This year's Busfuison had some extra bonuses! The organizing committee outdid themselves! They had made an amazing Quilt, a Bus Quilt of course, and had a draw for it. They also had a fundraiser for MS, where four men became beardless, and one beardless and bald.  Eric, Doug & Frank were great sports about it.  Then at the last moment Greg, George and Marshal also become beardless wonders for the fundraising efforts.  Some of the wives were happy with the transformation, and others remembered why their husbands had beards in the first place! OUCH!

Finally, on the Saturday night, after the Puppy Parade, where I sorely embarrassed DUKE! I turned him into a Duchess, he also had a wardrobe malfunction.. then the shaving, then the group dinner, the 50/50 draw and door prizes.. We had amazing live music & dancing.  Outstanding Saturday evening by Ariana and David Gillis, and Ben Rollo!

It did rain most of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but, we managed to get in runs, swims and bike rides in every day.  Sunday the sun came out, so we stayed until Monday.  Most left on Sunday, after the burrito breakfast and the draw for the Quilt.  We stayed, enjoyed a day of chit chat, wandering

 through Almonte Ontario and it's wonderful downtown shops.  Then swimming, group dinner and campfire.  Campfires always include stories of VW travels, adventures and guitar music.


  1. Sorry we missed you on the weekend, it would have been nice to exchange experiences. We could only be there Saturday so not enough time to meet everyone. Our URL is www.rweethereyet.com We are taking a few months off the road also just for a rest!

  2. Love your blog http://www.rweethereyet.com/! Let us know when you start travelling again! Enjoy your home time, you'll miss your adventure time soon enough!