Saturday, April 26, 2014

Meet Duke's new buddy, BUDDY!

We adopted another Belgian Sheppard from our Peterborough Humane Society February 14th 2014.
He looks ALOT like DUKE! Duke's now 8.5 years old, and Buddy, they think is around a year old. Duke's helping us trail Buddy. They're getting alone so well. We love them both so much.

Buddy was a stray, when we adopted him he was (and still is) very loving. His ribs were showing and the pads on his paws where cracked. Both from being on the streets alone during our very cold winter.

He's healthy and strong. Together we all explore 4km to 15km of trails daily.

We're about to hit the road again, another road trip,  Buddy's first. We're heading down to North Carolina to camp. Can't wait!

We'll keep you posted from there!

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