Friday, June 19, 2015

Grand Canyon of the East!

Did you know that there is a Grand Canyon of the East!? It's in Letchworh State Park.

Didn’t know it was even here! BEAUTIFUL! Well worth the visit. 

The camping was excellent too.  I loved the shower pressure! I’d go back just for the shower pressure. Not the elegance of the showers, that’s for sure, but, when you’re camping, a good shower feels like heaven!

If you do not have a second vehicle, and you like to set up camp and not move your vehicle again till you leave, then plan to see the BIG waterfalls as you come in or leave.  The BIG falls and attraction is way too far from the campgrounds for most people. It was 10miles each way.

We secured our campsite, which was awesome by the way, then headed over to the touristy part, but, it was beautiful and well worth seeing. The view from the middle falls was my favourite.

I suggest you park in the middle and go up and down the ridge to all the three waterfalls.
Back at the campsite, the ranger said there wasn’t really any hiking, so, I had low expectations.
I was delighted to find he was wrong! On our hike, we kept on running into amazing waterfalls! FUN! I don’t know about you, but, I love finding non touristy waterfalls in the woods. Makes you feel very special. First hike we took was Trail Route 18, it was along the ridge overlooking the  river.  The trail is far enough away that you have no fear of slipping over unless you’re a curious dog! Glad Duke made it back, he’s an amazing dog! Don’t think he realized how steep I was.  I knew he’d be fine, he’s always been an amazing climber, but, it did look odd when he disappeared then a moment later all you could see was his head and two front legs on the ground.

The next day we took Trail Route 18 toward the road, took the road north till Trail Route 19.  This combination was awesome as far as finding Waterfalls.  If you’re going to take that route, just keep listening for the rush of waterfalls, then look for where there are less formal trails, follow the sound, and voila, waterfalls. LOVE IT!  

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