Friday, June 19, 2015

South Shore of Lake Ontario

Did you know that there are pretty cool sand formations on the south shore of Lake Ontario? 

We camped at Fair Haven State Park.  It was pretty empty, the way we like it! We had a campsite right on the south shore of Lake Ontario, amazing sunsets.  

The Ranger let us know about the cool sand formations and how to get there, I found a better way!  My way included a LONG empty beach.  Just take the service road which heads out east of the campsites.

Basically, I just kept the water to the left of me on the way out. Much to my surprise, I found a pretty long empty beach. The boys were very happy.  This beach is excellent for dogs, as it’s all rocks, no sand, no one wants two sandy wet dogs, wet’s ok, but, add sand, that’s a pain. So, we just walked on the beach, I saw a romantic fog coming in, but I didn’t realize that was a storm front, we were just about 2km out when it started Thunder storming. Duke’s usually a mess during thunderstorms, he actually wasn’t too bad! Buddy was fine. I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to stay on the beach or head toward the forest during a thunderstorm. Buddy kept walking into the woods, and peeking out at us. Duke was just basically stuck to my side.  We went into the woods for a while, the thunderstorm was beautiful, it got pretty crazy. So, it lightened up a little, so we continued in the rain back.

Jerry was amused at how wet we all where.  Anyway, he made me the best meal every, again, and then make it perfect,  it cleared up enough for a beautiful sunset. 

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