Monday, June 14, 2010

Majestic British Columbia!

She is Majestic, everything about her, the coast, the mountains, we have seen two of Jerry's children, had (having) wonderful reunions with them.. we've whale watched, snow bird watched, hiked, golfed, and, of course ate.  Two sleeps with each of Kaily & Travis.. we're not finished out visit with Travis, they're out bonding while they golf right now, that's OK as Travis & I went for a hike earlier and bonded.. you do what you love. So, i thought I'd take a moment and update you on our time with Kaily, ferry rides and four mountain crosses..
First day with Kaily & in Victoria, which is on Vancouver Island, we went down to Fisherman's Wharf, had lunch, feed seals (that's what we're doing in the above photo), had lunch, wondered around, it was beautiful.  Loved the houseboats on the wharf.

We got to go see Kaily's baseball team play a double header, visited with Norm & Lee, then we had a late night snack. The next day we headed back to the downtown area and went Whale watching.  They should call it Whale searching, we ended up seeing one humpback whale, that's it! I was spoiled 10 years ago, when i went with Heather & Angela, and we followed a pod of transient killer whales for an hour.  At the time they told us it was rare, and it was only happening that day, i assumed it was a sales ploy, i see now, that it wasn't and we were lucky.  The whale we saw wasn't interested in hanging out with us, we only saw a tip of him twice.. i was able to get that tip on camera (because I'm that good!)

It was also the Navy's 100th birthday while we were in Victoria, they had 10 Navy ships in the harbor, and the Snow Birds where performing for us. 
Jerry & I headed to the Vancouver Island Ferry's on Saturday night, and drove toward Travis's for just two hours, as he's 10hours away from Kaily, we wanted to get a head start.. the Ferry's are huge, we liked the Ferry's from the US to the Island, as we were able to bring Duke up on the decks, but the Canadian once don't dogs up on the deck, Duke didn't mind, he stayed below and we went up and watch the beautiful crossing from Vancouver Island to the mainland.

We ended us staying in Hope, BC, at a cute little cabin.  IT was late by the time we stopped, so we opted for a cabin vs trying to figure out where to camp. 

Then we continued through the four mountain ranges for 6 hours to get to Travis, here in Rossland, BC.  It's beautiful, he lives in the mountains.  He renovating his home right now, so, he, his roommate (Jessi) & Jerry installed some stuff today, and now they boys are golfing.. Earlier they took us for a little site seeking tour of the area..

Tonight Jerry's going to cook for us, steak, potatoes and stuffed zucinni.. we're all looking forward to that. Then tomorrow, as soon as we wake up, we start our trip home, four straight days of driving, we should (we think) hit Peterborough by Friday.  We'll keep you posted!
OH, this photo of the bikers, we started seeing them when we hit the coast in Oregon, they're insane, they ride their bikes about 80 miles/day through the mountains.. for months on end.. i would love to do that.. but, I'm thinking Jerry's not so into it as I'd be! :)  After all of the food on this trip, i need a bike trip!
The area is beautiful, it was skiing, water sports and vineyards.. everything you need in life! (Ok, there's also allot of mining and logging.. but.. those pictures aren't as nice.. )

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