Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pizzalchik in Boise, Idaho, our 5th Triple D

We drove to Boise, Idaho from Salt Lake City, Utah.  We had rain for the first day in almost 3 weeks.  But, it wasn't so bad. We arrived into Boise at around 7pm, as it was rainy and cooler, we opted for a hotel tonight, as the only camping around was Primitive Camping. even though we both enjoy primitive camping, we're fair weather primitive campers.
Our favorite Triple Ds seem to be those where the staff & owners are very passionate and seem to have ownership in the restaurant.   This was a restaurant which has only been opened 5 years ago, and all the staff we spoke to had been with them since the first year they opened, they had all been there when Guy was there as well.  They where all twirling their pizzas like masters!

You walk into Pizzalchik and you order your food & drink and pay. Good is either pizza, zalad or chicken (which reflects their name). Then you tell them what table you're sitting at & they'll bring you your food, and you take your own knives and forks back to your table, go to the bar to pick up your drinks.

Jerry had Elk & Pepper and Pizza, I had a Mediterranean Pizza. 

This restaurant was owned by a man & his son. The son was flipping the pizza, the father was very an excellent host and seemed to have fun with the staff, but clearly trusted them in their roles.
They also have a band and play music in their out door cafe on Saturday nights.  They seem to like to have fun.

Boise is a real nice town, downtown is full of outdoor cafes, interesting mix of funky shops.  A special River runs through the town.  After our time downtown and by the river, we headed over the to Cabela's store.  Jerry's favorite store, i see why.  We both bought some things we needed, I found their prices actually half or REI's prices.

I went for a run this morning, eating at two Triple Ds in so many days, I'll be aiming to run again tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow we're heading toward the coast, we're 10hours away, so, we'll do it in two days.  We'll take Hwy 20 across to the coast. We thinking of camping at State & National parks across and up the coast. 

Sofie, Jerry & Duke

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