Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grand Canyon & Bryce Canyon

We have seen two BIG breath taking Canyons in two days.. We're exhausted. It's a crime that people haven't seen this part of the world, especially if you live in North America.  I hadn't see them till now & Jerry didn't see the Grand Canyon till 6 years ago.  It's something that everyone should take their kids to see.  We went to the less tourist travelled side of the Grand Canyon, that's the North Rim. 
The South Rim they say is all built up with stores and tourist gift shops, however, they say that the view their is amazing too, of course. The wait on the South rim to get into the park could be significant.  they are almost 200miles apart, it takes 4 hours to get from the South to the North rim, driving.

We stayed at a camp site just out side of the Grand Canyon last night, it was cold in them hills! There some snow still, so, during the Day it was shorts, at night it was close to freezing. 

The drive from Arizona into Utah toward Bryce Canyon was beautiful.

I loved Bryce Canyon, when I come back out this way, I would definitely stay in the camp grounds in the Canyon, there are two or at Ruby's Inn, 2miles north of the Canyon.  There are amazing trails all through the Canyon (no dogs allowed on the trails, so, it would be a visit without Duke..) you can even go horse back riding through Bryce. Bryce is on the top three list of my favorite places on this trip.. (Gila Hot Springs, Hot Well Dunes & Bryce Canyon!)

We're camped 2 miles outside of  Bryce Canyon as I type this blog. Jerry saw how cold i was last night, so, we "whoosed" out and came to a camp ground with an electric hook up, so, we'll have our heater going tonight, i haven't turned it on yet, it's no where close to as cold as it was last night. It's turned out nice, as the camp ground and Ruby's Inn (and i think everything else around here) is owned by the same family, so, we got passes to use the Inn's indoor pool and showers, then we ate there. 

Now, we've been seeing (well, Duke now sees them first..) deer along side of our camp. The deer here are called Donkey Deer, they have very long ears and are grey, compared to the bambi ones we have in Ontario.

Jerry's already asleep, so, I'm publishing this without my proof reader tonight, & I'm exhausted.. so, please forgive typos.

Tomorrow we're going higher into the Utah mountains, to some Hot Springs near Memory, Utah, Jerry's heard about. Then on Thursday we're going to Salt Lake City, Utah to go to an REI (I think it's called), sporting store, and to then on to our fourth Triple D!  We'll need to stay at a hotel Thursday night so i can lead another Webinar Friday morning, so, we'll be indoors at a hotel for one night again, this time in Salt Lake City.   There are 4 Triple Ds in Salt Lake City, i think we'll hit two of them! So, I better go to sleep and try and get a run in in the morning.

Stay well!

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