Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grand Falls & then Walnut Canyon & our 3rd Triple D in Arizona!

We had a long day today here in Arizona.  We experienced the Grand Falls & then Walnut Canyon, then  topped it off with dinner at our third Triple D!

We first drove for an hour on a very rocky bumpy road, lost just one mud flap along the way, it was so jiggly, I think we'll have to go through the van an tighten all that can be tightened, Jerry says we're good. Our mission was go get to the Grand Falls, just outside of Flagstaff.

 We bounced up and down until we got there, there wasn't any river or water falls, we drove on the river bottom .. Duke found some water on the river bottom!  It was indeed beautiful. We found out, that there was a lot of water there 2.5 months ago, and it'll be back again in the Spring of 2011.  That's just how that water falls is.  Cool.

After our "fill" at the Grand Falls, we went to Walnut Canyon, where the Hopi Indians lived.  It was lovely as well, Duke couldn't come, but, he didn't mind.

 It's like these places where the first condos!  They were 7,000 feet up.

Finally, after both hikes, we went to our third Triple D, Salsa Brava, here in Flagstaff.  The food was excellent.. big taco portions. Jerry had the same meal that Guy had when we filed the Triple D there October 2008.  I had a Portobello Mushroom & Spinach taco, i liked mine better.  Then we actually had desert, which we really haven't been doing on this trip.  Jerry had Apple Cinnamon ChimiChama, and i had deep fried Icecream!  Again, i liked mine better!

Tomorrow we aren't moving the van for a day, then Monday we had up to the North rim of the Grand Canyon, we think that's around a half days drive from here.

Good night!
Sofie & Jerry (and Duke)

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