Friday, May 21, 2010

First Hot Spring Adventure.. Still in New Mexico

As i wait for my webinar to start in 20mins, i thought I'd do a quick post of our first Hot Spring stop on the trip..
It's in the 90s here, it's hot and dry. We are loving it! Our first hot spring experience was just for an hour, it was spectacular, on the Rio Grand (Jerry actually went into the Rio Grand, it was much cooler then the Hot Springs!). The conversations around Hot Springs are, about people who have just come out of the Desert for a "visioning", which means they went into the desert for 4 days with just a jug of water.

We are heading to Gila Wildness this afternoon, more Hot Springs, which we can stay at long, we're going find camping there, and then go to the Cliff Dwelling there too! Jerry tried to see the Cliff Dwelling and those Hot Springs when he was out this way 6 year ago, but, they were flooded, since we already experienced a flood this trip, i hope we're ok! I have been hearing Fire warnings, lets hope there aren't any forest fires, the tornado only lasted 20mins..


  1. You guys look good in the hot springs.

  2. Frank, you guys would love Gila Forest, it's now my favorite place! I could see a buses to Gila Forest in our not to distant future!