Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mountain Camping, Sedona & our Second Triple D!

We, since our last post, we left the southern Arizona desert, replaced our camera card and camp in the mountains on either side of Sedona and went to another Diner, Drive-In & Dive (Triple D!). It's amazing how quickly the land changes, flat to hills, stone to trees!
Hard to believe these three pictures were all within a few hours of each other!

We camped in desert State Park in Safford Arizona, it was nice to have a shower after being in the Mountains in Gila Wilderness and then in the Desert outside of Safford Arizona.   Jerry out did himself on the BBQ at the State Camps site, he BBQ about 10lbs of beef ribs for the three (three include Duke!) of us. .

The drive from Safford up to the Sedona area was beautiful.  We camped off a National Forest road, they're everywhere, you can camp for free off of these road, or find primitive camp sites with a National Fee of $3 to $10/night.   Primitive camping means no electricity or water.  We don't need any for a few days.  We had camped on a wonderful mountain ridge, it was lovely. 

Then we continued through Sedona, it does take your breath away, it's unbelievable. 

We headed toward Flagstaff to our 2nd Triple D! So, we camped up in Flagstaff too.  It's is about 30mins north of Sedona.  The road from Sednoa to Flagstaff is pretty, and very steep.  That same hwy, hwy 40, was closed earlier in the week due to high winds.  The winds were crazy today, but, settled down now. 

We went to our second Triple D, here in Flagstaff, pretty cool experience, once again.  Brandy's was the restaurant, they're known for their breakfasts and lunches, the show was about the dinners.  The show aired October 2008.  The chef came out to speak with us, nice guy, he & Jerry exchanged food talk.

Then, as it would turn out, he has a camper (he had a Pleasure Way) that we're interested in, so, he took us over to see it.  He bought it up in Saskatchewan.  His wife, dog and he camp similar to how we do.

Today Duke & I went for a three hour hike up the mountain we're camped at. Jerry says this isn't really camping, as it's a KOA center. Well, we're still in the van, so, it's camping! Anywho, i needed Highspeed for a couple of days for Breken's system launch, so, we decided to stay here.. i can work and work out with the highspeed at the KOA camp, and these wonderful trails Flagstaff has through their mountains! I didn't take the camera with me on the trail, as i was warned it was very steep with many rocks, but, i took lots of photos from my phone and sent them to Jerry.... we were being escorted by a herd of deer for a little while,  i was in such awe of seeing them, i didn't take a picture. Duke & I were looking for an Indian Ruin i was told about in the hills, seems we went an hour past it, my directions are bang on at the best of times.  The air was thin, so, a little hard to breath at the top... we survived!

Fire damage, there was one part of the hike that looked like something out of Lord of the Rings, all trees where black, there was a fire there two years ago we're told. SO sad.

I quickly found out that when you're hiking, the top's not the top yet.. you always think you're at the top, till you get there, then there's more! AHAHA!

We had a wonderful day.. tomorrow Jerry, Duke & I are going to see BIG waterfalls and a big Canyon (not THE canyon, that's not till Monday or Tuesday.)

Thanks for viewing our blog!

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