Thursday, May 20, 2010

Historic Route 66

They did an amazing job on the movie Cars, as Historic Route 66 was just like the movie.  (sad to say in some cases..) Route 66 parallels Hwy 40, so, we would, where we could, pop off and buy our Gas and Coffee from places on Route 66.  

There were many classic restaurants, motels, gas stations, tire stores.. some running some abandoned, some you couldn’t really tell.  Route 66 isn’t maintained all the way through either, it ends on either side of little towns.  There were many old abandoned cars in the background, many looked like the type of car “doc” in the movie drove, and you see pick-up trucks like “Mater” some working and some not so much.  As you look around from Route 66 you see the Hwy 40 with everyone on it rushing by, nothing else around at all, but the little strip of what was once a buzzing Route 66, but around you is all desert, as far as the eye can see, you even see red flat lands in the distance.  Here the grass isn’t green anymore, it’s more like hay, with tons of what look like mesquite trees and funny cacti trees, there is a railroad which is also parallels hwy 40 and Route 66 where it exists. Vast land New Mexico is.... 

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