Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OH, IL, Missouri, Arkansas & Oklahoma! Camping, food & friends!

Bubbas BBQ in Eureka Springs Arkansas.  Dinning experience number two along our journey was once again full of unexpected pleasures.  This time, we were lucky to have the two owners of Bubbas BBQ actually at Bubbas. We happened to have camped with Bob & Eleanor Bakalar Mexico two winters ago.  Jerry & Bob became friends immediately, as they talked about cooking.  Then we promised to visit them at their restaurant, Bubbas in Eureka Springs. Well, it just took us a year and a half, and we made it.  The BBQ Ribs where well worth the drive, and the greeting we received by both Bob & Eleanor (and their son) warmed our hearts.  Their town is a historic town, full of artists and dept.  The town is build on a windy ridge, all the homes seem to have backyards on a 30ft drop overlooking valleys and hills.  The town itself is beautiful and surrounding area full of woods, water and much for the outdoor nut.  Artist, good food and outdoor enthusiasts, what a wonderful combination.  We would like to plan a trip where we actually stay in Eureka Springs for a little longer then 3 hours!

Eleanor has a Gallery, we were lucky enough to be given a person tour.  LUX, on 18 White St.  in Eureka Springs.   Eleanor is an accomplished weaver and beader.  I’m sure there are technical terms for both artistic masteries, but, I saw works of art in weavers, &sculptures of beads.   She is a part of a Artist Gallery tour this weekend, and will be  a guest lecturer in the Eureka Springs School of Arts Summer Art Workshop (www.esartschool.org) conference summer 2010. I took one of the programs for the art workshops, very impressive.  She is very humble, I had no idea of the debt of her talent! Eureka Springs, Bob & Eleanor, we look forward to crossing paths again!
So, on route to Eureka Springs, from our last post, we stayed in Spiceville, Ohio at a FlyingJ, drove through St. Louis,  

Missouri, and then next night we were the only campers at a camp site 2 hours east of Springfield Missouri. Flying J’s are all consistent, food, showers, shop and free camping for any vehicle, big truckers to people crashing in their cars.  We pop the top of our Westy and we have our double comfy bedroom.  As it was a rainy night, the FlyJ was prefect.   

Next day was a little nicer, so we wanted a camp ground.  We found a lovely area, all in the Mark Twain Forests, on a river which was normally 3 feet deep, it was actually 12 feed deep when we were there.. if it rose three more feet, they said they’d have to evacuate the area, needless to say, we were the only ones at the camp grounds.  We sincerely hope that the river stops raising now.  At night we witnessed the most amazing thing, there were fireflies everywhere.  I’ve never experienced anything like it, it was like you were surrounded by little shooting stars.  I would just stand, the three of us, and stare in amazement. They were everywhere, we had our own 3-D avatar effects around us. Pretty special night, it was just for us.  The night was so dark and these little flies so amazing.. our video camera wasn’t able to capture it, we didn’t try the camera, we assume it wouldn’t work either.. (but, now I’m thinking it might have been a very interesting shot… oh well..)

We now driving out of Arkansas and toward New Mexico, unless of course our GPS changes her mind again.. our next destination is 18 hours away, so, we’ll have a few days of adventures on route.. I think we’ll actually get to a couple of Hot Springs now.   I do hope we spot somewhere with a trail tonight, I could so use a run in the morning.. or tonight. I think we’ll be stopping somewhere in Oklahoma State tonight.

At the time of this blog post, we're just in Tulsa, Oklahoma.. 
I'm told there will be places throughout Oklahoma where we won't have highspeed on our Verizon.. So, back on it when we can!

THANKS! That's it for now!


  1. OK, you two are having way too much fun. Glad you made it to Bubba's. I hear there's a big Blues Festival coming up in early June in Eureka Springs.

  2. Sofie: what a great idea. I love reading about your adventures. The photos are the icing on the cake. Now you won't have to do the home movie thing cuz we're watching you everyday. I love it!

  3. We loved your visit and can't wait for you to come back again! eleanor

  4. That rib plate is beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing tales and photos from the road. It looks like a great trip that you have put together for yourselves.. I look forward to more updates, and food photos, ha ha..

  5. You crazy kids,it is fun to travel along with you,it is inspiring,and your photos are top notch!I can taste those ribs. It was great to have you with us.Did you get your malt? Have fun- Larry and Cindy