Friday, May 21, 2010

Addition to Hot Springs

Yes the water in the Reo Grande was colder much colder about 52 degrees F , I couldn't feel my legs  as soon as i got in the water. This is a great little town and it is named after the radio show. There was a contest in the late 40 to find a town in the USA that would change it's name to Truth or Consequences to celebrate the 10 years on the air, quite a few places applied and a town called Hot Springs NM was chosen.
   There are quite a few hot spring places here we only went to the one, we will have more photos from the Gila Widerness ( one of my favorite places)
   The van has been running well, cruising at 65 mph except for these 20 mile long hills , they kill that poor van , there is no way to keep the speed up, but thats OK it's all good ( Ben I can hear you talking )
 I'll try and upload some videos soon

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