Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our Camera Card Just Died!

Well, I was just going to share some pictures from our camping adventure in the desert, but, the camera card says "click here to format the card" and when we go to put the card back in the camera, it says insert card..so.. we took incredible pictures of the desert.. can't share them with anyone.. We took over 1,500 photos of the trip so far, we backed up everything, except those of last night and today. So, not too bad.  We'll get a new card tomorrow. (I hope it's not the camera!)

We had a wonderful time in the desert .. we stay, by ourselves, at Hot Well Dunes, Arizona. It was a pretty crazy feeling camping alone in the desert.. I thought I'd be scare, but, i wasn't.  Jerry gave me a GPS, because i kept wondering off into the desert to take pictures and kept turning myself around.. Duke was pretty cool, I'd say, lets go find daddy, and he'd turn 90 degrees or right around and start walking back to where we were parked/camped.  He was always bang on to what the GPS said. 

The birds, flowers, sand dunes, Cati and everything we really unique. I'm sorry we can't share them with you.. We did take some good videos, I can't upload them from this connection, so, when we get another free WiFi connection, we'll upload those, and Jerry took some photos from his phone..  We didn't have any facilities at Hot Well Dunes, just us and sand, lots of sand.  There  are normally two hot springs in Hot Well Dunes, but, they were empty, as the water flow has changed.  Jerry camped at Hot Well Dunes 6 years ago, and had a magical experience of being in Hot Springs at night when a Shaman , well into his 80s, had hiked across the desert for a soak.. Jerry said they spoke for hours about healing and other spiritual things.  He has such a unique experience 6 years ago, there was no way we could have reproduced that.  But, i enjoyed what they call primitive camping.. it was wonderful being the only people in the desert at night. 

Duke and I went for a 9 km run through the desert this morning, at 5:30am (15mins after the sun started coming up), he had a blast, he chased a lot of Jackrabbits, their paws are just a touch smaller then Duke's.. I'm glad we didn't see any snakes, there were signs warning of them when we were up in Gila Wilderness, and that's only a few hours away.

There is a Hot Spring where we are today, it's in Roper Lake State park, very civilized compared to where we were yesterday, we have electricity and showers here. 

Tomorrow we're going to Sedona, Arizona for a day and to camp , then up to Flagstaff. In Flagstaff we are going to continue are Triple Ds adventure.  We'll stay  North of Flagstaff a until over the weekend, and then after the weekend to Grand Canyon

There is a Hot Spring here, at Roper Lake State Park, we are just going to head over there.

Jerry made us to big racks of Beef Ribs today, on our travelling BBQ, it was pretty amazing.. Duke loves it when we have beef ribs.. not sure who likes it most from the three of us. 

OK, that's it for now.


  1. Great photos and video. The hot springs look like fun. What a neat place ! Rita has not seen all this yet, maybe she will want to go there ! Hope the camera get's sorted out. Keep enjoying. We are having a heat wave over here and no rain for so long now ! What's that all about ?

  2. Hi Frank, yes, you guys would love it there. Hunter would be in his glory too! My two favorite places so far have been those hot springs and the desert..
    Yes, the we got a new camera card, works great. We're north of Sedona now, I'm going to post shortly.. been doing alot of hiking and DDDs.. :)