Monday, May 24, 2010

Videos of the Cliff Dwellings in Gila Wilderness, New Mexico

We are about to leave Silver City, New Mexico and continue our journey to a Hot Springs in the Desert in Arizona.  We won't have any cell or highspeed there again.. before we go, i thought i'd upload a some videos from Gila Wilderness. The connections isn't strong enough here to upload to many.. so, here are four for now!

On the 3 mile hike toward the Cliff Dwellings:

Just coming up to the Cliff Dwellings:

In the Cliff Dwellings:

Leaving the Cliff Dwellings:

Enjoy.. Jerry's packing the van, i'm going to see if i can delay long enough to get just one of the HotSprings from the Gila Wilderness uploaded.. it's unbelievable too!


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