Monday, May 17, 2010

Ahhh. you know you're not in Ontario anymore when....

How civilized, you can buy beer and other beverages anywhere. We're NOT in Ontario anymore, that's for sure!

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Very rainy day, we're headed West on HWY70 (we were never on hwy71, the GSP changed her mind, she's allowed..). We spent the night in Spiceland, Indiana, we'll be going, through the rest of the State of Indiana, then the bottom tip of the State of Illinois, then through the State of Missouri today, aiming to get into the north end of Arkansas (if we find the weather lets up, we'll stop in Missouri). There are a ton of State Parks on route, so, depending on the weather we'll stop or drive through... right now, it's raining pretty hard.. but, still good driving weather (from my point of view..).

After we finished up with Verizon yesterday, which took hours and hours, we took the balance of the day as a travel day, .. nothing eventful, thank goodness, we made good time... We are heading to in Eureka Springs, Arkansas as our next food stop, should be there Tuesday night!

Jerry's driving, Duke's sleeping and I'm going to finish this blog posting, and return some emails, then collect data and case studies for my second series of books and for those who bought my first book! I've been asked to speak at many municipalities and chambers, to their own staff, so, that's who the second series of books are aimed at, I'm going to continue collecting case studies and policies municipalities or chamber have put into place wrt Social Media, in areas such as employee productivity measures, branding guidelines and dealing with various public posts on all the social networking mediums.. so, if you have examples, please feel free to share them, I'll be contacting those who i see as best examples,like Gem & Ray's  Explore the Bruce, and Andrew's  Invest in Cheese, .. to mention two of my favorites!

Stay dry today (We're just passing Indianapolis, Indiana, 9:22am and no rush hour traffic :(.)


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  1. Did you take Cruella? Don't argue with her Sof she will purposely lead you astray :P

    Have a BLAST once again ...and when you arrive have some midnight margaritas o_0