Thursday, May 13, 2010

Night before we leave for our Road Trip!

Well, long but very productive day.. everything's done, we're ready to be gone for 5 weeks!  We had lots happen this past week.. not going to get into those details, but, lets just say we had to deal with funerals and births, now however, we're ready.. humans, dog and van...

Duke knows we're ready, he's been gathering his toys around the front door so we don't forget any!

One small issue, Jerry thinks I have too many clothes.. I'm sure it'll be fine.  We just need to be ready for both casual and somewhat professional.   Also, we'll be passing through so many different types of weather, best to be ready for anything (and we are).

I'm grateful our dear friend T will be staying the house.. Don't know what we'd do without T's constant help and friendship!   Words are not enough.

OK, going to watch some TV, then ready for what we both hope is an early start!

First stop tomorrow will be Geneva on the Lake in Ohio.  We'll stay there for a couple nights visiting good friends. Geneva on the Lake is a cool beach town.. more on that tomorrow.

Sofie, Jerry & Duke..

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