Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Graceland, Elvis and another DDD!

So, we found Elvis alive and well, he's everywhere in Graceland, TN!

We stopped into Marlow's, a DDD that Jerry, Kaily & Travis visited three years ago, on their trip to Mexico.  It wasn't as good as Jerry remembered it to be, it was still fun.

  It worked out well that we stopped there was a major storm system blowing through the Memphis area, they were forecasting ping pong ball size hailstones  , so we just sat in the parking lot until it blew past

 Fried Green Tomatoes!


  1. Far too much good looking food in those photos. Both of you are going to need a good run for a month or so............OMG !

  2. Frank you know only one of us runs the other just keeps rolling along

  3. That was a year ago now.. I should have ran more!