Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Second DDD or 2011! Fred's Farm Grill in Arizona.. Best Pulled Pork so far!

 Jerry tried their BBQ Sampler platter, found the Pulled Pork one of the best, if not the best, Pulled Pork he's every had! (He's had a lot! :) ).  I had to agree.. (We've heard of a few other excellent ones that we'll look to try two of them in our last 1.5 weeks of our trip!)

So, we had our second successful DDD on our 2011 Roadtrip! We looked for something in the direction of HotWell Dunes Arizona, we were delighted to find Fred's Farm Grill in Mesa Arizona (just east of Phoenix).

Fred's Farm Grill is on a Farm :).  They grow much of what they serve up.  Jerry had had pull pork BBQ in some of the best places across North America, this he said, was indeed the best!I have to agree with him.  If you are in the area, it's worth a stop! (We've been reading since this stop, that there are three that might be better, we're going to try stopping at two of them within the next two weeks!)

 The back entrance to our DDD.
 You ordered your food, then they buzzed you when it was ready.
 Nice sweet potato fries, one of my favourites ! I don't like normal Fries, but, I'll eat all of these gladly. The best part of these actually where the dipping sauce, they had a pineapple salsa to die for.

 Jerry's Malted Milkshake! YUMMY YUMMY!! I snuck a sip when we was taking pictures!
 Showing off my mushroom burger and beat salad!
 These were the cool mist blowers outside.. nice!
 They had seating both inside and out.. Outside was 104 degrees when we where their.. they had methods to cool you down, inside and out.
 Ladies, (Men turn away, you wouldn't understand how cool this was for us women..) so, the washrooms where all unisex. They each had one of each in them. 
 The for his part was cool, as it had a TV over it, playing an old old old Scifi movie..
 The for hers or his part had a GiJo and a Barbie in the displays on either side.. very cool!
 So, if you are in Phoenix, drive to Mesa, just east of Phoenix for a good fresh food at Fred's Fresh Grill.

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