Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our first (DDD) Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives in 2011's Roadtrip.. In California!

While on California Route 66, heading to Joshua Tree for a few days, we stopped at Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe. This was a place very much in the middle of no where.  We ate exactly what Guy Fieri did on his DDD show.  We each started with their famous biscuits smothered in their "stick to your ribs" (in a good way) gravy, followed by their Brian burger.. This isn't just any burger (as i don't like burgers normally), it's bun wasn't a bun, it was one & a half inch toasted sour dough bread, and the insides had instead of pickles, a spicy roasted green chile and  lots of Swiss cheese and a big burger.  I got the mini one, and Jerry got the normal sized one. We got one with fries and their other with onion rings.  Well, we each took half of our portions as take aways and had them for dinner, neither of us could finish the whole thing. 

 In the parking lot at Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe
 Busy place, only open till 2:30 on weekdays and only till 12:30pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays.  6 tables and the stools around the bar, and people constantly coming and going.

Above is ONE order of biscuits and gravy split into two for us. (That's me with my braids :). )
 The left is my MINI burger and the right is the regular size.  WOW! I can't believe someone can make something that we can't finish!
 This was their diner! In the middle of now where.. we recommend it highly.
 Jerry with our "doggy bag" out side of at Emma Jean's Holland Burger Cafe
Great place! Next we're into Joshua Tree for some hiking, biking & running to work our this DDD!

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