Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A day on a beach.. in Sleeping Bear Dunes

Well, it was HOT today.. Duke & I started off our day with our daily walk to the top of Sleeping Bear Dunes.. we get whipped around by sand, then head back to the camp grounds. 
 I saw they had a notice about Cougars posted.. I had to laugh.. (inside joke.)
 The Sleeping Bear Dunes Trail is only one of many, but, my bike had a flat, it's only 3 km from our campground, and then 3km around the trail, and then back 3km, so we can handle that.. The others are further, now that my bike's fixed, Duke & I might trot on over to a further trail and try it out tomorrow.

 After the Trail, Duke & I walk find the beach enterance, and walk along it toward the campground to fetch Jerry for a beach adventure.

 Once all together.. we enjoy the day on the beach.

The water's lovely! The beaches were almost empty.. very nice time of year to come on out!

Later this same day I took off and went into town with the bike (which Jerry fixed after the beach).. Nice town, just a few km from our campsite, with little shops, and IGA, and lots of little cafes and SPAs, which is what I was aiming for!.  So, I'm now a pampered manicured camper (that's very important you know).

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