Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park

We are very much enjoying Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park.. 

 A little more remote, which meets our needs. We're in a camping area with NO electricity, except for the campsite we're on (shhh don't tell anyone.).  So, we're cheating a little as it's over 94 degrees outside, and we have air conditioning while we sleep.. oh well!

Duke & I have been enjoying our adventures in the mornings, we come back and then Jerry, Duke and I chill out then go for another adventure.

So far the adventures included finding the Dunes at 7am and walking much of them this morning.  We felt the winds picking up something nasty, so we got back before a hail and thunder storm.. It didn't last long.  Afterwards, the three of us headed to a Scenic drive in the area to catch some of the local beauty and eat out in the little tourist town near by.  Then we headed back, napped in the hammock (The hammock Jerry bought and put up after much whining from my (I can't see how one can be on a camping trip without hammock!) and then Duke & I went for a bike ride.

There are tons of hiking trails to choose from, of various difficulty levels, and a bike trail which goes for miles.  So, lots to do for all of us.
We ended the evening with a wonderful steak dinner here at the campsite.
Tomorrow's supposed to be in the 90s again, I'd like to spend much of the day at the beach, as we haven't really gotten there yet, other than hiking above it.

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