Friday, June 22, 2012

Last Hike & Beulah for Cherry Pie!

Today we left Sleeping Bear Dunes Park.  We had time in the morning for one last hike, we parked at the foot of the Trailhead and just went to the top of the Dunes.  
 It was certainly easier climbing up this time, as it was my third time in a week, then it was the first.. Thought I'd die the first time! :)

Duke had a blast today, he was playing in the sand like it was snow. We then pulled out our Roadfood book, and charted a route toward The Cherry Hut, just south of us in Beulah Michigan.

The Cherry Hut know for their Pies sell 500 pies/day! We bought two for our family gathering tomorrow. Also bought some Cherry Butter, Cherry BBQ Sauce, Cherry Cookies, Cherry covered Chocolates....

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