Thursday, June 21, 2012

Great Last Day & Evening Sleeping Bear Dunes

We had a wonderful last day & evening in Sleeping Bear Dunes today. It rained in the morning, so, we chilled out inside, I caught up on some work blogs, Jerry caught up on some paper work.  The moment the sun came out, Jerry went outside to read the book he's engrossed in (Game of Thrones), and Duke & I took off for a new adventure..  Jerry made new friends while we were gone.. 

Duke & I rode our bike (he runs, I ride) to the Alligator Hill trailhead.  14kms of trails to choose from, we did 8 of them, as one of them seemed straight up, hence the name HILL!  To get just to the trailhead you have to ride up hill. (Good thing Duke can pull a bike.)

 The Trails were lovely, only a handful of kilometers from the Dunes Trails, but, COMPLETELY different!

The first lookout we got to was called Island Lookout, it was breathtaking, the woods broke and you had a wonderful view of the two islands.  The Indians say they are symbolic of two baby bears who were lost, and the main land looks like the mother bear, looking for her cubs.

 We went from this lookout to Big Glen lookout. This was along the top of the hill, so, much easier then the first part.

 Back at our campsite, we read out books for a while, then Jerry made us a wonderful dinner..

 He always makes enough for 10, even though there are only two of us!
 Below is the map of the area.. we'll be back, there are a number of trails yet to do!

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