Sunday, August 12, 2012

3 Crazy Great Trails in Whitby - Just 10mins north of the 401!

Much to my delight, we found three GREAT trails just 10km north of the 401 in Whitby!   They'd be great trails to train for marathons or "Warrior dashes".   

Combination of flat and some nice hills.  Springbank, only 2.2km, but, very steep for the first 2km.  Devil's Den starts off flat, next to a wonderful babbling stream, then, it kinda rockie and steep for about 1km, hen windy.  Devil's Den is lovely.  Finally Railway Trail is flat, little muddy if it's just rained, but, still pretty simple to get around the mud puddles. 

 Sun coming up on Devil Den's trail.
 Mist coming up over the pond on Devil Den.
 Beautiful reflection on the pond.
 Rockie Trail, but, easy to run through.

We were there to Camp at one of our favorite VolksWagen camping events, Buses of the Corn, Heber Down's also has a Group Camping area.

Heber Down is a little jewel in the middle of Durham Region in Whitby, Ontario.

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