Monday, August 27, 2012

OH MY! My Favourite Trail & Camping PARK YET!

We headed home after after Saskatoon, only 32 hours of the trip left.. we will stop every 8ish hours or until we’re exhausted, whichever comes last.  We stopped in what has become one of my favorite running trail camping parks ever.  It’s in Manitoba, called Spruce Woods Provincial Park in Manitoba LOVED IT.  As we drove off of the highway and toward the Park, you kept seeing Trail signs.  Some were the Transcanada trails.  We got to the gates to check in, being the last Friday before Labor Day, all the electrical sites where already taken, however, they gave us a full Group electrical site for the same price as an individual site.  We had the whole thing to ourselves, it was wonderful.  Duke and I took off right away, as always, and found the closets entrance to a trail.  I was in-love immediately! OH MY!
 300ish km of trails.. HEAVEN!
 The trails were wide enough to run, but not so wide as to kill the feel of being in the forest or meadows.  They had tiny white limestone rocks on the whole trail, which was really nice to run on.  There are more then 300 of kms of trails, JOY! We explored alittle so we could figure out where we’d go for a run in the morning, we found a crazy site, a icerink in the woods, looks almost haunted in the summer.  

We went back for a wonderful pasta and sausage dinner, thank you honey! Then,  as we didn’t have internet, but we had electricity, I worked for a few hours on client materials and then we watched a movie.  The morning Duke and I took off, we had a WONDERFUL morning, we had to be back and ready to go by 9am, so we only had limited time and so many trails to choose from! AHAHAH! I'll be back!!!

We ran 4km to a lookout point, missed the lookout point as I wanted to go to the road and see what the signs said, so, instead we ended up at another little trail, a really really steep trail that went down to the water and back up.  I am very glad we did it was the views were beautiful.

 Cool guest book in the middle of the trail! :) Great idea.  I wonder what they do with it?

  But, now we were really LATE and I was still determined to fine the lookout point we set out to find.  We found it, it was right were we left the trail! (of course) So, we climbed up and took some photos.  
 The look out point, our destination (in a round about way).

Then we had the 4km run back! We knew Jerry would be alittle miffed as we promised to be ready to leave by 9am.  I always have to shower and have a portent shake after I run.  We got back at 9:15am, he laughed at us and said, so, you got lost again, didn’t you?  It’s all on how you define lost I suppose.   We were on the road by 9:45am, not so bad I thought.  We found a camel on the road, found that odd, ends up there are also Sand Dunes in that park! I so need to go back! I’d love to stay a few days at that park and explore!   

Thank you Manitoba! So many trails.. we'll be back! XOXO!

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