Monday, August 27, 2012

The REASON for our Aug 2012 Roadtrip! FAMILY!

 We are exceptionally blessed.  After our forty hour drive, we were welcome with cuddles, hugs and kisses, and the occasional meltdown after too much sugar and excitement.

We stayed for two sleeps with the family and had some good catch up conversations.  We really missed all of them.  Jerry’s son is in the army, they posted him two hours from our home when his family first started  growing, then two years ago, they moved him 40hours away! AAHAH! I really miss seeing and hanging out with them.  Our daughter-in-law is an exceptional teacher, so, she’s been able to find the jobs she wants each time they’ve moved.  I was delighted that she had started running too, I was delighted as we went for a 6.5km run/walk every morning,  she kicked my butt, she’s fast!

 We next went camping for one sleep with our oldest granddaughter.  She very much likes to read maps, find clues and find treasures.  We were on a look out for someone calls “One Eyed Willy”.  She has a whole story about this fellow; I have no clue if it’s real or make-believe.  We built birds’ nests, played and explore.  Healthy eating was avoided, Popsicle for breakfast was promised and delivered!  We watched Madagascar 2 till 11pm, we both giggled and loved it!

 Piggy back ride back from the beach and playground.. We went by an old house used by Ukrainian settlers.

 We got back intime for the little one to come back from daycare and had extra special times with her.

We left the next day, much to everyone’s disappointment, but, I feel so warm inside every time I think about the girls.  I am blessed to have married someone who has such wonderful kids and amazing grand kids!

On route toward home, our first stop after 8hours was in Saskatoon, again, the man I married has a special relationship with a young lady there.  Jerry gave Angela away at her wedding 5ish years back, she,  her husband and now two boys have since lived in Saudi Arabia, Fiji, and the Orient.  He’s a pilot and gets posts in various places.   They are now in the exotic Saskatoon. She’s gotten a wonderful job at with the Saskatoon Tourism folks, they’re lucky to have her says I!  

 It’s very different visiting two boys then two girls. With the boys there seems to be constant wrestling, jumping off furniture, shooting webs or guns, grunting, meltdowns, and then it starts again; whereas with girls there is chitchat, giggles, high high pitched screeches, meltdowns, silence and then it starts again.  

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