Monday, August 27, 2012

Lake Superior Scenic Drive & Agawa Indian Crafts Outstanding Service

The drive on hwy 17 is spectacular.  I even stopped working to take photos.  We where on rolling hills next to Lake Superior.
Kakabeka Falls! 

 Saw this amazing vehicle at one of our gas stops, i went over to speak with the women, she was from Switzerland, they had just finished 16 months of travel in this outstanding vehicle.  Started in Halifax went coast to coast in both Canada and the US and Mexico and Belize and Guatemala and back! WOW! Now, that's an adventure worth having!!

For our last night of camping we’re heading toward Saute Saint Marie! We stayed at a Provincial Park called Pancake Provincial Park for our last night.  It was right on Lake Superior.  We got there, Jerry drove almost 11 hours yesterday, without any Timmy’s or Internet.. And very few gas stations along the way.  So, he needed some alone time when we got to our site.  Duke and I took off to see what was around, we loved, how could you not, the Lake.  We found a couple of trails, they were hiking trails, lots to choose from.  We came back for a shrimp and slider dinner.  Slept early, conditioning ourselves for 6:30am wake ups again.  

So we took off in the morning for a short run and instead got drawn to the Lake.  She’s intoxicating.  We went back and got Jerry to share it with us, he too loved it and said he could see coming back here(ish) to camp for a few days.  

 I'm a romantic, with just an hour to play, dumped the trails for the beach! :)

 This place is sane, they have a lovely Dog Beach! Not that  anyone was on the beach this early to care.

I agreed, but, I’d like to go to the Superior Lake Provincial Park instead, it had even more Trials to choose from! J

We left the Park at 8:30am, and stopped for the only gas place in the area.  It had the BEST service we’ve ever had anywhere ever in our whole lives… You drove up, the guy comes to your window and says “How can I help you? (We said.) Then he says.. "Do you have any garbage you’d like me to dispose for you? We have free coffee inside for you, coffee’s on, go enjoy.  We have clean bathrooms around the corner.“ He then comes back with a dog  cookie for Duke. He then comes back with a LADDER to clean our front windows! And his prices were “only” $1.30/liter, the best prices we’d seen in a while.  The place is called Agawa Indian Crafts, I’d suggest it worth a stop! They have a bunch of cool souvenirs in side too, and the prices weren’t bad and the quality was good!

 Nice way to end the trip (ok, so we have 8 hours left to drive, but, that's a piece of cake now).
Until Next Time! :)
Sofie, Jerry & Duke

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