Friday, May 13, 2011

1,933kms and 3 Workshops/BootCamps in 6 days!

We continued to Dryden on Wednesday.  It was an easy day of driving that day, very nice and warm day.  Jerry drove the whole way.  We arrived into a camp site that was a few minutes from our host and from the Bootcamp. , On the Wednesday, we went to our gracious hostess, who had her whole team over to greet us , drink and good food. It was a nice visit. 
 Jerry &; our host George in Dryden.
 Nicole, & our hostess Vicki in Dyden.

The next day, we delivered  our social media seminar to an energized large group in Dryden.  We even brought Duke in to say hello.  It was ok, as the bootcamp was held in their Fire Station, so, dogs where welcome.
 Bright and early Thursday morning, getting ready to kick off the Social Media Bootcamp!
 Bootcamp going strong in Dryden.
 Bootcamp going strong in Dryden.

 Out camp site in Dryden, Duke checking out the pier.
 Jerry on the roof of RV-Baloo, making sure the hail we had in Nipigon didn't destroy the roof.. everything is fine.

We left right after the Dryden seminar was finished we hit the road, on route to Kenora. 

On route, about an hour out of Dryden, we picked up two racks of Ribs to eat for dinner when we arrived in Kenora.. happened to be a place that had won MANY BBQ awards, we lucked out, their ribs were very good.. nice treat when we arrived here in Kenora.

We did the Kenora bootcamp today.  Long day for us, doing two back to back workshop/bootcamp days. 

There is going to be alot more Facebooking, Twittering & Youtubing in Kenora now too, we completed that seminar.. We finished the seminar here in Kenora, and headed downtown, we went to a greek restaurant, the food past my Greek taste buds, the grilled eggplant &; liver dish was excellent.

So, family &; friends visited, three workshop/bootcamps completed and 1,933kilmeters driven in 6 days.  Our 1st week of our 6 week road trip is coming to an end..

We now head across Manitoba, likely get to Regina Saskatchewan tomorrow.

That's all for now!

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