Saturday, May 21, 2011

Camping at Tunnel Mountain in Banff.. dinner with a long lost friend!

We left our family in St.Albert, Alberta on Friday morning, we had the most heart felt visit with them.  We next had a quick meeting in the Town of Olds.

I was very productive on the say to Banff, the high speed signal was "excellent". 

Then once in Banff.   I actually put my laptop without being asked to, it is SOOO beautiful, I was overwhelmed, once again, but the beauty of the mountains. 

We have a camping spot right on the mountain, with a mesmerizing view. 

Duke and I went for a walk, normal dogs aren't suppose to be off leash, as they might chase after animals or fall off a cliff. As Duke's so well behaved and smart and not one to chase after animals unless i say, "Yes, OK", i had him off leash when we were alone, he enjoyed all the strange smells in the woods.. I just loved the views and peaceful strength and  energy of the woods combined with mountains.

We had a wonderful reunion with a very good friend of mine from my Bell days, Beverly Gallagher.  It was SOOOO good seeing her, one of my favourite people.  As we weren't sure if we were going Jasper or Banff way, till the Olds meeting panned out, we hadn't connected until we where almost here, and she made herself free for dinner! God, what a good feeling to have friends like Bev, you can pick up where you left off years and years ago.  So much has happened to both of us in the last 9 years. Life is a journey!

Jerry lived here 30 years ago, so, he had his heart set on going to Bumpers, the best prime rib in town. So, we all indulged in Prime Rib.  It was excellent, indeed, still not as good as Jerry's, i have to say, he's still the best Prime Rib chief on this planet of ours, but, it was one of the best from a restaurant's point of view.  Bumpers we were told by the locals is one of the locals favorites up here, the staff was friendly, we enjoyed it there.

When we got back to our camp site, there where many four legged visitors, Duke didn't mind them at all.

Duke and I are going to go search for more wildlife right now.

NEXT we all head for larger hills to camp in tonight, towards Kamloops!

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