Monday, May 23, 2011

Vancouver Island.. not moving for two nights! :)

So, we left Harrison Hotsprings first thing, as we needed to get to Vancouver Island ferry's by 10ish, as all the other ferries till 6pm where sold out today.  We knew enough to call the night before and make reservations.. that's the only way to be sure you'll get your vehicle on, call and make reservations!  We took the ferry service out of Horseshoe Bay, over to Nanaimo. 

 Met some nice folks on the boat who suggested we might like their beautiful Rathtrevor Provincial Park, here in Parksville, there were right, we did love it, but there weren't any electrical hook-ups, and we are kinda spoiled now.  So, knowing we like the electricity, we wondered around the Town of Parksville.. found a number of RV camp grounds, we choose one right on the beach, we got a camp site on the Ocean, so, needless to say, we're very happy.. The tide on this beach goes out for a good 500 least
 On our beach, in front of our camp site!
 Tide's out, but, this big guy's interested in what's left behind (so are we.. tomorrow we're going to go pick some Crabs to eat!)

 Duke and I think we figured out the Tide schedule, so,we might go looking for crabs on the next low tide, around dawn we think. the three of us went for nice walks out there, and just enjoyed being in the sun on the beach.  Tomorrow, i hope to go for a run, I haven't ran in two weeks now.. feeling lazy, MUST get back into it! 
More soon. as our highspeed seems to be working well!

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