Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last two days in Victoria.. Pulled Pork Poutine, followed by deep fried Mac&Cheese

We had a good two days with Kaily in Victoria.  Enjoyed getting caught up while feasting at her favourite restaurants.  (Tomorrow I'll start not eating as much, at least Kaily and i got a (fast for me) 10km run in this morning.. :) ).

 So, we took the dogs, Kaily's two Koda & Meeka, along with Duke to a wonderful beach for a walk. 

 Then went up to a Taco Shack for lunch.  They make everything from scratch at the taco shack, the shells and everything.

  That evening we caught the last part of a baseball game then out to dinner at the PIG, NICE place! Jerry had Pulled Pork Poutine, followed by deep fried Mac&Cheese.. OH MY GOD!  And today, we had desert TWICE! HELPP!!!!

 Back at our campsite at night.

Today we went to Kaily's home, then for a nice 10km run, then later hung out at the marina, Jerry was able to capture, on film here, this very patient bird waiting to eat an eel.  From when we got back, we saw him waiting, for at least one hour, we don't know how long he was there before.. (Jerry waited for 30mins until the bird caught and ate his eel..)

 Later this same evening out for dinner at 5th Ave Bar & Grill.

 Food there was some of the best food we've had on the trip so far.
Back at the RV, Kaily turned Duke into a lap dog.

Tomorrow, we're going to hang out at the Victoria inner harbor, then get on a ferrie at 2pm, start heading down the coast toward California.  We've decided to go around all the tornadoes, so, we're going straight south then east.. we'll see where the wind isn't blowing.

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  1. Pulled Pork Poutine ? Excuse me ! Way to much of an overload but sure sounds and looks good ! All your photos are wondeful ! Cali - remember April & Sal are in Watsonville ! Happy trails !