Friday, May 13, 2011

From Timmins to Nipigon

We haven't had high-speed on the road, we kind of do now. (We have 3G network, it's really really slow.. so, I'll catch the blog up for a little, until i can't stand it anymore..)
So, left Timmins Tuesday morning on Hwy 11 and, arrived in Nipigon on Tuesday night around 6pm. We found a perfect camp ground, right on the highway for the night.  Our destination is Dryden, this was just a stop on route.
Jerry was smart enough to park us on a wonderful creek, which drowned out the highway road noise.  The creek  sounds where so wonderful, I didn't need ear plugs to cover Duke & Jerry's snoring. I guess I slept so soundly, I didn't even hear the BIG hail storm that hit during the night. It was so strong Jerry was worried that we'd have damage to the solar panel on the Baloo's roof top. 
 Jerry actually let me drive.  It was easier then both of us expected.  It's all about the mirrors! After you get use to the big trucks passing you and you realize you are indeed not going to hit each other, it was a pleasant experience.  We listened to the Google story on audio books, all was good.

Beautiful drive..

Our camping spot for the night.  It was on 50 acres, it's a shame Duke & I have injuries, as it was full of excellent running trails, and we could just limp along.  We got out twice to enjoy it alittle.  (We're almost both healed, thank goodness, as I can't keep eating the way I am without some running  in between..)

At our camp site.

 Our bedroom was right on the creek, so, we had surround sound rapids.  Wonderful.
 Jerry still did most of the driving, so, he's enjoying a moment of relaxation next to the creek.
 Our views along the drive.
This is some unknown cool looking structure.
OK.. I'll post this one, and continue with Nipigon to Dryden next!

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