Thursday, May 26, 2011

Camped in Victoria,BC now.. next to Funky Houseboats!

Love houseboats, Jerry found us a camp site where we are inter-mixed with them, right here in Victoria. It's a 10min bike right, or 30min walk downtown, on trails, right on the harbor, we'll be doing that trip a few times I'm sure.  So, YES, we're loving it.  These Houseboats each seem to have their own sailboat, nice lifestyle. 

 From our RV.. nice placement & wonderful dinner (not sure why we every go out!).

So, today, after having to replace 2 tires, front shocks and front brake work done.. we made our way from Parksville, BC to Victoria, BC.  The folks in Parksville who fixed our RV where wonderful, they worked on Baloo for about 3 hours and charged us for only 30mins, gotta like that! It rained today for really the first time on our trip, so, it was fine with us to have that work done today, and before we hit remote steep backcountry.  So, we're thankful.

Tomorrow we're going to run, then a bike in the afternoon, seeing as much of Kaily as we can (inbetween her work and baseball).  We're schedule to cross State side on Friday.


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