Saturday, May 21, 2011

Canyon Hotsprings, BC... Oh, We're in Heaven Here!

 Duke & I walking this morning, through Banff, we came across a number of various animals.. i was ok with all of them, until is saw what was either a wolf or a very large white other dogish animal.. time to head back.
 Our drive toward BC, on highway 1, a number of crazy people cycling! I'm sure they're in great shape.
 Castel Mountain, it's grand.
 We drove by Lake Louise, it was still frozen!
 Ton of small water falls coming off the cliffs as we drove by.
 I can't imagine how they blasted this Pass, Roger's Pass, through the Rockies.
 We made it to Canyon Springs.. Very nice place. Not as remote, of our course as we like it, but, lovely for a stop in the Rockies.
 Camped here in the Rockies, in Canyon Hotsprings.  On Hwy 1, on route from Banff toward Vancouver.  This place is heaven, very warm, 90degrees here today, the hotsprings where 103ish.  They say there are allot of bears in these mountains, so, i have to be a little more careful then normal on our walks. There is still allot of snow in the mountains.. Kinda weird, walking by snow banks in a bathing shorts.

 A little ranch in the Rockies.
 Duke found a great creek to play in.
Beauty everywhere

 All ready to go to the HotSpring Pools
 Jerry in the HotSpring Pool.

Sofie lying by the HotSpring pool, enjoying the sun.

Duke very happy that we're back from the HotSpring Pools.. they don't allow dogs, so, he had to stay back and mind the RV.

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