Monday, May 23, 2011

Harrison HotSprings BC.. OK.. Found an even better place to live!

So, we were heading toward Vancouver, needed a place to stay around a hour(ish) away.. went to Hope, BC, however, we've been there before, it was nice, but we didn't fall in love, so, we decided to go to an unknown place called Harrison Hotsprings. OH MY GOODNESS.. it's got a beautiful beach, surrounded by mountains, wonderful restaurants, AND WAIT FOR IT.. A CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Oh yes, we'll be back! 
We parked in a very modest camp ground right in the Village of Harrison Hotsprings, and went out for a walk around the Village with Duke, then dropped Duke off and went for dinner.

Our walk around the Village was good, we met Gus who owns the local corner shop with wood carvings outside, and fresh hazel nuts and smoked salmon inside. I think he fed Duke $30 dollars of Salmon while we visited.  We bought tons of both.. Then we walked to the beach and then we look into where to eat. 

We found a restaurant with excellent food.  We slept well and headed off toward Vancouver first thing..

Harrison Hotsprings has a Jazz Festival on their beach for a number of days in July, camping right downtown, or for those who can't camp, a Hotsprngs Inn right on the beach.. all making for an excellent place to come back toooo.

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