Saturday, May 7, 2011

The night before 2011's RoadTrip

Hi.. so it begins.. Jerry & I are all packed, we'll be leaving first thing in the morning.  Furthest destination on this 6 week road trip is New Mexico, camping on the edge of 200,000 acres of wilderness, on hotsprings next to cave dwellings. 

It's always tense the night before a trip, packing for vacation, business, cloths for cold weather & warm weather, dressy, business & hiking.., but, we actually seemed pretty calm this time!  Guess we're figuring it out.

We're looking forward to meeting new friends along the way, experiencing new wonders and seeing family we so very much miss in both St.Albert, Alberta and Victoria, BC. 

I'm pretty exhausted right now, actually, can't even keep my eyes open.. so, talk to you on route! We hope to share exciting new adventures along the way! 

Thank you to Travis for holding down the fort while we're gone! We'll miss you!

OK.. on route to Timmins tomorrow!

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