Saturday, May 7, 2011

First night on 2011 Roadtrip.. Timmins, The Cache

So, our first day of driving went well. We're getting a feel for the RV.. she handles well.. I think it's less bumpy the the Westy. I tried not to work all day, lasted about four hours, then decided to work for a few hours.  I think Jerry was thankful, as i was driving him a bit nuts.  We stopped in North Bay, then straight up to Timmins.
We drove by were we doing our Social Media Bootcamp on Monday. Then we got invited over to Jerry's friends (the kids' Grandmother) for dinner on Sunday.  Then we drove out to find a place to camp.. of course, nothing is open yet, too early in the year.  They told us that the ice just came off the lakes here yesterday. There is actually still snow in the forests here.

So, we drove over to The Cache campground, down the way from the Kid's Grandparent's cottage. So, the Camp ground was closed, but, the owners happened to be here, as they're opening next weekend.. (they were very nice, just bought the place 4 years ago, they knew some of the folks Jerry knows up here, and they know my friend, David Mcgirr.  David's company happens to be sponsoring the session we're doing on Monday, they owner's wife use to work for David when he was president of the Telco up here.. David and i use to work together at Bell years ago.. we're suppose to see him tomorrow at some point..small world this is.. ) 

So, we're here, on a beautiful lake, on our own, with the loones and beautiful surround sound we both love so much! 
Duke has his own private beach.. however, both Duke & I have a hurt leg, so, neither of us are suppose to run for a few days.. so, we sit and look at all the beauty.

Tomorrow we'll hang around here for a while, then head into Timmins to catch up with the Kids' Grandmother, then,  a possible visit with David.. then get ready for our SM bootcamp on Monday!

We leave first thing on Tuesday morning for Dryden, Ontario.. it's a two day drive..

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