Friday, May 20, 2011

Warmest & Sunniest Part of the Trip so far.. St.Albert, Alberta!

We left the Town of Indian Head on Saturday.  It happens to be where they film Little Mosque on the Prairie. I've never seen the show, i will now, even if it's just to see if i can recognize where we were.  The town's name came from the Indian skeleton's found in the area. 

 Bell's Farm house on route, known as a large round barn.. we had to go take a quick peek.

 It was strange seeing all the old cold cars in the fields.. this one had around 40 of them lined up..
 So, we finally found open camp ground.  This time of year, we are one week too early! Little did we know that camp grounds don't open till the May 24th weekend! So, we found a camp ground on a golf course.  Duke & I never walked around golf course before, we did after they closed the gold course for the evening, he loved the ability to fly down the fairways. (Don't worry, he's a gentle runner, he didn't disturb the lawn!) That was just a quick stop, as our target was family in St.Albert, Alberta, we arrived here around noon on Monday.

We  had a wonderful time with family in St. Alberta Alberta. We mainly spent time with family. Quality time spent with everyone, went camping with our granddaughter & had a meeting for YLM, The Breken Group in Gibbons, Alberta (with with three local Towns & their local County).  We arrived to a very sunny and warm Monday afternoon, surprising, as its actually been the warmest spot so far, and it's the furthest north. Strange weather for sure.. We had just driven through destructive floods in Manitoba, to have arrived 2 hours south of equally destructive forest fires. 

It has been great seeing our family, Tyler, Renee, and our granddaughters Ryleigh & Teaghan.  We got to spend a day with the girls at the park, spend evenings with everyone over dinner, and spend a day and night with Ryleigh camping.  The camping was a test, or prelude to future trips, seeing if she, at 4 years old, was OK with camping, indeed she loved it! So, next time, we'd like it to be longer with more adventures.

 Teaghan loved Duke!
 How kids don't fall off swings is a mystery to me!
 Big scary slide!
 Grandpa & Ryleigh finding treasures in the sand!
 At the Park!
 Grandpa serving up lunch in the RV for the girls!
 Morning time camping..
  Morning time camping..
  Morning time camping..Breakfast!
 West Edmonton Mall.. what a great place!

Tomorrow we leave for a quick meeting in Olds, then on route to a night camping in Banff and then heading through the Rockies to Victoria, BC!

We loved our time with the family here, hate to leave.

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