Saturday, May 14, 2011

Army Alert Floods in Manitoba.. made it through them..

So, we had this whole area of the campground to ourselves in Kenora, Ontario.  Duke & I walked around a little.. both our legs are better we think, we'll try going for our first run in a while tomorrow.   

   We came back from our walk to find Jerry fiddling with RV-Baloo's underside.  Thank goodness he knows what he's doing! Can you tell by looking at this what he's working on? If you can, you'll know why I stayed away, way away.. if you don't, I'm not letting you in on what it was.
  Duke tried helping too.
  Seemed only Jerry's hat survived!
  Everything was fine, we continued our trip this morning.. We saw this big Musky, he has a name, Huskey the Musky, as you leave Kenora. 

So, this would have been KOA Camping ground we would have likely tried to get to yesterday, if we hadn't stayed in Kenora the night, it's kinda closed and the office building is almost all under water. Santa's sled would be able to land, that's about it.

So, Jerry is like a moth to a flame.  He decides to drive through the floods so he can see them, vs around them.  So, our GPS kept telling us to turn into what looked like a Lake, then we realized there were traffic lights over the lake, so, it was actually our road.. with lots of sand bags to keep the water out. Now I where the term Sandbagged came from.. trying to keep someone from getting through.. but, it eventually leaks through.

We continued through Brandon, Manitoba, without any paddling required.  We're in Saskatchewan now, it's very flooded here to  We wanted to stop for the night at a camp ground, about 20mins ago, but, it was flooded, so, we continue to try to find dry ground.. (My high speed still works.. but, we're all getting tired of driving today.. it's excellent driving weather, so, that's good!)

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